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Upstage your competition.

Starting a company is no easy feat. Let us help you take the guesswork out of transforming your idea into a working business that showcases your talents and outshines your opponents.

What We Offer

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Marketability and Patentability

We help research the market and patent records in order help distinguish your idea/product from the crowd and build a solid brand.

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Website Creation and Corporation Filing

Learn how to incorporate your company.

Create a website to introduce customers to your brand.

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Don’t know where to find capital?

We can help connect you to investors.

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What is Seed Funding?

Seed funding is early stage start-up funding. Usually the start-up has the following characteristics:

May be an idea/concept or early start-up
First rounds of investment (pre-series A)

Our Seedlings

Explore companies that we’re helping to grow.

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We offer expertise and advising in:

  • Business administration,
  • Computing and technology,
  • Fund Sourcing,
  • Patent Research, Writing, and Filing


MIT and Columbia Alumni.
Real Estate, Business, and Technical Expertise.


Penn State Alumni – Computer Science.
Research, Writing, and Computing Expertise.

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