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Chai makes a DNA testing device that anyone can use. Doctors can now test for Zika virus in the field, food manufacturers can ensure their products don’t have unwanted bacteria, and eventually you will be able to test yourself for DNA that may put you at risk for cancer. Chai is 85% cheaper than traditional oversized lab machines and portable enough to carry anywhere.


The pet industry in the United States and many other countries is booming. Growth in the sector is derived both from increasing pet ownership as well as from increased spending per pet. The bottom line: people increasingly view their pets as part of the family and are willing to spend even during difficult economic times. PetFax will offer pet parents a new way to keep track of and share their pets' information.

New Waterpark

With its proximity to highly populated cities like NYC and Philadelphia, the Poconos have been recognized as the ideal location for the development of new water parks. There are already 4 water parks in the area with 2-3 more anticipated to come soon. We are spearheading one of these in the near future with the purchase of 94 acres in the heart of the Poconos.

Connecting People in Need with People who Care

Heudia helps hospitals, government agencies, and insurance providers improve their ability to control avoidable health care costs caused by a patient population that is isolated, lacks access to care, or suffers from inadequate social support.

Other Activities

- Co-Founded Startup-PA
- Co-Sponsored the ESU Robotic Contest
- Co-Sponsored the ESU Mobile App Contest
- Sponsoring Starts@ESU

About Us

We want to fuel your start-up.

Have a business idea? We're here to help get it off the ground and reach new heights.

We are a seed/startup funding company that's always looking to help new ideas and businesses grow. 

We offer expertise and advising in:

  • business administration,
  • computing and technology, and
  • fund sourcing. 


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Peter Lum

Vice President

MIT Graduate
Columbia University Graduate
CEO Of Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Firm
Researcher at DOD
Manager for Tech Planning At BOC

Tiffany Lum


Pennsylvania State University Graduate in Computer Science
Website Developer 
Investment Analyst


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